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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Plants VS Zombies 2 Is finally here!

Plants VS Zombies #2 Is out! After a much anticipated wait.
Click here to download PVZ2 Off the app store

Plants VS Zombies is A great game, for children and adults. The second version comes out with many new perks plants and zombies. It is a game loaded with fun! Although first load-up takes a little longer then expected, but after the first load-up it loads fairly fast. You also earn coins alot faster in this version, although I haven't made it far enough yet to check out what we will be able to buy in this new muchly upgraded version!

The pictures above are just a few of the new plants in PV2 Although the corn plant is from the original Plants VS Zombies! There is also seeds you can use to sort of, lets call it turbo boost your plants! Which ultimately kills them so much faster. When you use the seed, depending on the plant it will shoot even in different lanes! 

This is the new way to navigate throughout the game. This is your game map, Another cool update. Pretty basic, easy to navigate but over-all great looking as well as a great addition!! Did I mention this game is currently Free on App world for the moment? Get it now before it cost to play! I had to pay when the original version came out. Was happy to get my hands on the second before it cost money!

Everybody welcome, the newest & creepiest and strongest zombies of 2013!We have the regular, zombie. The egyptian zombie, the captain zombie & pirate zombie! Tip : Be careful for that egyptian zombie he will steal your sun!! 

I highly recommend playing this game, it is the funnest game on the app store by far and nothing is better then it being free!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

4 Film Disaster Collectors Set giveaway!

Do you ever find that sometimes the low budget movies have the best plots? I sure do. Are you a fellow lover of disaster movies? I am. 
No I don't believe in these terrible disasters happening (atleast I hope they won't anyways) But they definitely give an adreneline rush and keep my eyes glued to the tv! 

This is a 4 pack collection set. It contains all the DVD's shown in the picture above. I have put this great collector's set up for grabs! Enter the rafflecopter entry form below to win this great prize. Please note this contest is ONLY open to Canadians & Americans. If you are picked and shipping is not in Canada or USA you will be disqualified and another qualifying participant will be awarded the prize. Good luck, and may the best one win! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, August 4, 2013

l'Oreal everpure moisture leave-in conditioner review

Hi there guys, its me again. Today I am reviewing l'Oreal everpure moisture leave-in conditioner. This is a great must-have hair product for anyone, especially for those who like myself, have uncontrollable hair problems. This great leave in conditioner is used after shower. For best results towel dry your hair and use 2 squirts. Start rubbing it in on the ends of your hair, and slowly make your way up to the roots to ensure all hair has been covered. Leave your hair continue to dry for a little while, then brush again! You won't believe the difference, this product truly is great. It's also very affordable.
You can get it on amazon for $9.68 Or find it at your local stores! 
Click here to l'Oreal everpure moisture leave-in conditioner on Amazon . 
My hair has never felt so great, and so light & easy to take care of since I started using this product. It leaves your hair feeling soft, without looking to oily, with top of the line quality for a bargain price you can't go wrong. I would highly recommend this to anyone experiencing bad hair days! I just rub some in after my shower & am off on my day with my hair looking naturally great! 
Say goodbye to dry hair with the l'Oreal everpure moisture leave in conditioner today! 

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Enfamil A+ Gentlease Review

Enfamil is a well known brand in the baby formula industry. They have a wide variety of products all within a affordable price range. The 629 g container of enfamil gentlease listed above sells for $29.98* or lower at your nearest walmart's and other retailers. 

This is a great formula for newborns or younger infants, it's easy on your little ones stomach & easy to digest. If you have a gassy baby, Try switching to this formula! I switched my daughter to it. 
Below are the listed benefits for this great formula
  • Partially broken down protein 
  • Iron fortified infant formula
  • Reduced level of lactose 
I highly recommend this formula and if you would like to try before you buy you can head over to their website right now & sign up for your free gifts. The gentlease formula, usually alongside other types is sent in the package a few weeks after registration. 

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