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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colorado Flood

Tonight is a sad night, There has been a horrible flooding in Colarado and word is there is 5 suspected deaths. 

We can only hope the residents of this Colarado home got out in time before this, i would be terrified to look out my window to this scenery! The extent of damage due to this flood is devastating, a huge loss for Colorado. Hold your loved ones tight tonight and pray for the lives lost. 

3 Cars fell and crashed as a road washed out in Colorado. There are still over 170 people left unaccounted for. Pray that they are all found safe and alive. Thousands of people have been forced out of their homes and some stranded from washed out roads and terrible weather. Helicopters had to evacuate a near 300 people in one particular area as the flood had completely surrounded them and left them with no escape. 

Survivors are saying it was like something out of a horror movie, all of a sudden everyone needed to go to a safe area where the flood wouldn't effect them. People were scared for their lives, the water just came to fast. 

These are not my own personal photos, By posting these photo's I am not claiming rights or ownership just sharing for public viewing! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Need more viewers! (Giveaway)

Hey guys! I still need more viewers, so I am going to throw another giveaway. The ending for this one is currently unknown. Could be longer, could be shorter then listed as once we reach a fair amount of viewers (500+) I will let the contest come to an end! Just think, the more views my blog gets the more chances I'll have of getting sponsored giveaways which means better for you right? Depending on your odds I suppose!

PRIZES: A new toothbrush, tooth-paste, travel size mouthwash, floss, and stain peeling sticks. 

Oral Hygiene is a very important thing, and if not taken care of properly can cause severe pain! So I figured this would be one of the best things to host a giveaway for, something that will come in to handy for everybody! Please don't forget to show us as much love as possible!!! we need it right now :)
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

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Hey there guys! Just had to let you know about someone giving away $500 to one lucky viewer ! On the penny hoarder blog! 
Enter via the raffle copter form on the link below to be entered in to win $500! Hope I win :) But I'll share my knowledge of this contest with my viewers... I suppose :P 
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Crystal Palace Amusement Park Review

Crystal Palace Amusement Park, Moncton NB. 

This is a wonderful place to take the kids, with attractions that will please people of any age. 
The prices as well are not to bad. $66 for a family of 4. Standard price of $20.95 A Person, or $17.25 for a junior. There are plenty of rides to choose from, a humungous swing (My personal favorite) Just be sure to not take your phone on this ride inparticular like a girl did when I visited! Her phone nearly knocked me out, i heard something go flying by my head and then seen a iPhone smashed on the ground beside me. Not good. And the girl was mad, but not as mad as I would've been had the phone hit my head. There is also a rollercoaster that goes around the entire park. Did I mention this park is completely indoors? Yup. Don't worry about the weather when coming here! It's always sunny in Crystal Palace. Don't forget to check out the totally awesome lazer tag while your there as well, better hope I'm not visiting or your chances of winning will be slim to none. Overall I would have rated this place a 9/10. Would have been a 10/10 if it weren't for the crazy couple fighting while I was there! Hopefully they won't be there to ruin your time :) 

Look at those kids faces! Their having a blast. 
If your in New Brunswick on vacation this place is a MUST! For directions, times of availability & more general information please head over to their website & If you liked this review please subscribe to our blog, bookmark us & come back for more. Also don't forget to check out our current giveaway! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wonderful Back To School Products.

Hi there guys! Sorry for lack in updates lately, but just over-whelmed with life ATM. Just starting to get used to being back to work, and now the boyfriend has lost his job. Perfect, or not. That is the only excuse I have for my absense, but off the topic of me.

Back To School Already!

The school year has finally started once again, and I would just like to share some great back to school products for your family! Send your kids to school this year in style! Please note I am NOT making a profit or getting anything in return for suggesting these products! I am just suggesting them because I truly believe they are great product!

Grab yourself this amazing Roxy backpack for your children today! Roxy is a highly sucessful brand that is popular among a wide variety of ages and has great quality product! This exact bookbag is on clearance now for $37.99 only at Moosejaw so stop over now to get yours (Please note that only blue bag is on clearence) At this price you are saving up to 21% off! Click here to be directly linked to product.

A zip i-pad case for only $32.50 onSeeJaneWork now! Ipad's are an exspensive product to replace, every ipad owner should invest in a case for easy and safe transport. Another great upside to buying this product is you can registered on SeeJaneWork where you can also earn points to use towards great products! Click here to be directly linked to this product

Do you love this beautiful binder? I know I do! Remember when we were children in school? Quite a while ago I know, but we were always jealous of the kids with the super-stylish back to school items (Or atleast I was) Now is our time to make our children shine with great affordable products! Get this wonderful and classy binder today VIA amazon for only $10.95, Spend $25 and receive free shipping as well! They also have a matching planner available in the store as well. Click here to be directly linked to product

And last but not least, Every child needs to be able to find their tools, toys, gear and equiptment as quickly as possible. You never know what kind of trouble your little one might run into! Get this great organizer for an extremely low price from a trusted company now! It has a total of 6 shelves with 6 colorful pretty drawers to make it easier to remember which drawer is which! Only $5.00 extra for shipping and handling! $34.99 + $5.00 = $39.99 

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Plants VS Zombies 2 Is finally here!

Plants VS Zombies #2 Is out! After a much anticipated wait.
Click here to download PVZ2 Off the app store

Plants VS Zombies is A great game, for children and adults. The second version comes out with many new perks plants and zombies. It is a game loaded with fun! Although first load-up takes a little longer then expected, but after the first load-up it loads fairly fast. You also earn coins alot faster in this version, although I haven't made it far enough yet to check out what we will be able to buy in this new muchly upgraded version!

The pictures above are just a few of the new plants in PV2 Although the corn plant is from the original Plants VS Zombies! There is also seeds you can use to sort of, lets call it turbo boost your plants! Which ultimately kills them so much faster. When you use the seed, depending on the plant it will shoot even in different lanes! 

This is the new way to navigate throughout the game. This is your game map, Another cool update. Pretty basic, easy to navigate but over-all great looking as well as a great addition!! Did I mention this game is currently Free on App world for the moment? Get it now before it cost to play! I had to pay when the original version came out. Was happy to get my hands on the second before it cost money!

Everybody welcome, the newest & creepiest and strongest zombies of 2013!We have the regular, zombie. The egyptian zombie, the captain zombie & pirate zombie! Tip : Be careful for that egyptian zombie he will steal your sun!! 

I highly recommend playing this game, it is the funnest game on the app store by far and nothing is better then it being free!

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

4 Film Disaster Collectors Set giveaway!

Do you ever find that sometimes the low budget movies have the best plots? I sure do. Are you a fellow lover of disaster movies? I am. 
No I don't believe in these terrible disasters happening (atleast I hope they won't anyways) But they definitely give an adreneline rush and keep my eyes glued to the tv! 

This is a 4 pack collection set. It contains all the DVD's shown in the picture above. I have put this great collector's set up for grabs! Enter the rafflecopter entry form below to win this great prize. Please note this contest is ONLY open to Canadians & Americans. If you are picked and shipping is not in Canada or USA you will be disqualified and another qualifying participant will be awarded the prize. Good luck, and may the best one win! 

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