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About me

Name: Marissa
Birthday: December 10th
Country & Province: Canada, Nova Scotia
Hi there, and thanks for taking the time to look at my blog. I am a young mother of 2 who enjoys blogging in her spare time. I am proud to say I am Canadian! But no, I Do not like to say "eh" Lol. Anyways, I am just your typical girl. I live in a small town and have a few friends. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and counting, and we have 2 young children. 1 From a previous relationship. I love being a parent! I work at a local convenience store, and my boyfriend makes mouldings! I enjoy entering sweepstakes, blogging, social networking, and trying out new things. When i'm outside of home I enjoy hanging out with friends, going out for coffees and relaxing long drives! 

               When I was 16 I was blessed with an amazing little boy! His name is Aiden. It was rough being a single mother at a young age but every moment is worth it! He was born in 2009 and weighed 8.5 lbs. I had to be induced with him because he loves testing his mama's paitence! Even when he was in the womb. He is now almost 4 and he is a reminder everyday of how far we can come. I went from being a teenager, out partying and with friends everynight to being a mother who stays at home everynight!
After I had my son, me and my mom brother sister & son moved to a different town. A few months after moving there I met the most amazing person. This is me and my boyfriend, We started talking online which led to us hanging out. When we first met we had so much in common and we would play black ops and other call of duty games together, watch funny movies & just overall have a great time. A year into our relationship we got a surprise.. 
We were expecting !! This came as a shock at first, but we were prepared for anything! A long 40 weeks & 5 days later I woke up and was going about my usual morning routine when I am babysitting for my mother, getting the kids up feeding them their breakfast and walking them to the bus stop. I didn't feel very good that morning but didn't think anything of it. As we started walking down the hill I kept getting pains, I just assumed they were braxton hicks. I was 5 days overdue and went almost 2 weeks overdue with my son so figured I would have the same luck as last time and get induced but as I got to the bus stop with the kids, I said to my sister I don't think this is normal I am in alot of pain. They went off to school and on the way up the hill I knew something was going on, I was just in to much pain. I started timing my contractions when I got back and they were  5 minutes apart, my mother wasn't home from work yet and I told my aunt I wasn't ready to go to the hospital yet, that I was going to wait for mom incase it was just yet another false alarm. My mother got home and we went off to the hospital, when I got there I was already 5CM and progressing very fast. 
A short 1 hour later and she was here! At 7.3 lbs princess Sophie has arrived! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this page, Now you know a little bit more about me and my life :) I will update this as we continue on! 

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