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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colorado Flood

Tonight is a sad night, There has been a horrible flooding in Colarado and word is there is 5 suspected deaths. 

We can only hope the residents of this Colarado home got out in time before this, i would be terrified to look out my window to this scenery! The extent of damage due to this flood is devastating, a huge loss for Colorado. Hold your loved ones tight tonight and pray for the lives lost. 

3 Cars fell and crashed as a road washed out in Colorado. There are still over 170 people left unaccounted for. Pray that they are all found safe and alive. Thousands of people have been forced out of their homes and some stranded from washed out roads and terrible weather. Helicopters had to evacuate a near 300 people in one particular area as the flood had completely surrounded them and left them with no escape. 

Survivors are saying it was like something out of a horror movie, all of a sudden everyone needed to go to a safe area where the flood wouldn't effect them. People were scared for their lives, the water just came to fast. 

These are not my own personal photos, By posting these photo's I am not claiming rights or ownership just sharing for public viewing! 

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