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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Need more viewers! (Giveaway)

Hey guys! I still need more viewers, so I am going to throw another giveaway. The ending for this one is currently unknown. Could be longer, could be shorter then listed as once we reach a fair amount of viewers (500+) I will let the contest come to an end! Just think, the more views my blog gets the more chances I'll have of getting sponsored giveaways which means better for you right? Depending on your odds I suppose!

PRIZES: A new toothbrush, tooth-paste, travel size mouthwash, floss, and stain peeling sticks. 

Oral Hygiene is a very important thing, and if not taken care of properly can cause severe pain! So I figured this would be one of the best things to host a giveaway for, something that will come in to handy for everybody! Please don't forget to show us as much love as possible!!! we need it right now :)
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  1. Oral Hygiene is important to me because I'd like to keep the teeth I was meant to have. Teeth and gums with issues can lead to other health issues. Something so simple as brushing and flossing daily keeps your teeth clean and your breath fresh. Who wants to smell nasty breath? Not me!