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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Crystal Palace Amusement Park Review

Crystal Palace Amusement Park, Moncton NB. 

This is a wonderful place to take the kids, with attractions that will please people of any age. 
The prices as well are not to bad. $66 for a family of 4. Standard price of $20.95 A Person, or $17.25 for a junior. There are plenty of rides to choose from, a humungous swing (My personal favorite) Just be sure to not take your phone on this ride inparticular like a girl did when I visited! Her phone nearly knocked me out, i heard something go flying by my head and then seen a iPhone smashed on the ground beside me. Not good. And the girl was mad, but not as mad as I would've been had the phone hit my head. There is also a rollercoaster that goes around the entire park. Did I mention this park is completely indoors? Yup. Don't worry about the weather when coming here! It's always sunny in Crystal Palace. Don't forget to check out the totally awesome lazer tag while your there as well, better hope I'm not visiting or your chances of winning will be slim to none. Overall I would have rated this place a 9/10. Would have been a 10/10 if it weren't for the crazy couple fighting while I was there! Hopefully they won't be there to ruin your time :) 

Look at those kids faces! Their having a blast. 
If your in New Brunswick on vacation this place is a MUST! For directions, times of availability & more general information please head over to their website & If you liked this review please subscribe to our blog, bookmark us & come back for more. Also don't forget to check out our current giveaway! 

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